You will need the following:


Face paints or Face Colours, I chose Stargazer Face and Body Paint Crayons from Vicious Malicious.


Q-Tips (If at any point during the process you feel you have made an error you would like to remove, then use a Q-tip to gently rub off the colour in that area)


Cotton Balls


Step 1 – A popular hair style for Dia De Los Muertos is to tie your hair into a very high messy pony tail. Get a bit of a poof in the front and try to get as much volume as you can in the hair it should be wild yet sexy.


Step 2 – Apply the white face colour over your entire face except for a circle area around each eye. I applied a very thin layer however you can apply it as thick as you want.


Step 3 – Draw an outline around your eye with the black colour, this is supposed to be your eye socket so it should be in a rectangle/ovalish shape with rounded edges. I like to draw it around my eyebrows to make it easier but you can also choose to color your eyebrows with the white paint and draw a smaller eye socket. It’s okay to botch it a little like I did because you will be filling it in.


Step 4 – Fill in the outline with the black paint.


Step 5 – Outline the eyes with the colour of your choice, I chose Red because it creates a nice contrast.


Step 6 – Choose another color to draw the “Petals” around the eyes. I chose Blue. Try not to draw the petals too big or they will be difficult to draw around the nose area and may end up making the eyes appear close to each other.


Progress so far


Step 7 – Using the black colour draw the nose like you would see on a skull, I keep a thin space for the bone but many people fill that in, if you find that easier you can fill it in and it will look fine.


Step 8 – I followed with a simple design on each side of the nose.


Add on to the design how you like, you can use this as a guide or make up your own design. Common designs include flowers or dots.


Another common design is putting a simple flower on your chin


Progress so far (notice how I coloured my lips white, I meant to do that in the beginning but I forgot. :P)


Step 9 – Draw a line on each side of your mouth and begin drawing lines on your lips and past. These are the teeth, many people forget that and draw them either too close or too far. They should resemble the teeth on a skull.


Step 10 – On the forehead there is usually a simple design I favor the Spider web design. Draw a line going straight up your forehead and begin drawing lines extending out ending at your hairline.


Step 11 – Fill in the lines with small lines going across, creating the web design.



And you’re done! Here is a picture showing the face paint and the wild hair style.


If you use face colours similar to the ones I used DO NOT make my mistake and try to wash it off with soap and water! This will smear and smudge it all over your face!! Instead use the cotton balls to remove it Zoolander style, it works much better and is much less messy.

Thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial! 🙂 – L.O


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Thanks a million for reading this, if this tutorial has inspired you to try this on Halloween, we’d love to see some pictures!

We decided to put together a quick top ten tips to achieve the best results when dying your hair 🙂

1) Pre-lighten your hair to it’s lightest possible shade, we recommend Manic Panic Amplified Bleach Kits (Available Here) or if you’re on a budget you could use a Stargazer Bleach Kit instead (Available Here)

2) Warm colours like red, orange and pink last longer and are easier to achieve vibrant results with, cool colours like blue and green are harder to produce bright results. Our favourite brand here at Vicious Malicious is Manic Panic but we have other brands available at a lower cost as well 🙂

3) Avoid using conditioner for a few days before dying your hair and also use a PH neutral shampoo.

4) Rinse your hair immediately before dying your hair, towel dry it and then apply the dye to damp hair, this keeps the dye moist for longer and enhances it’s dying power!

5) Start at the roots and work your way down, being sure to completely saturate your hair from root to tip.

6) Have a spray bottle(similar to the ones gardeners use), set it to a fine mist. When the dye in your hair begins to dry out spray a mist of water over your hair to keep the dye moist and continuing to do it’s job.

7) After you’ve applied the dye and moistened it for a while, cover your head and hair with a shower cap or dying cap and wait. We’ve heard stories of people leaving the dye in their hair with a shower cap on and going to sleep for the night! Always make sure you don’t leave the dye in any longer than stated by the manufacturer.

8) To speed things up and provide even brighter results, grab a hair dryer on a low heat and pass it gently over your entire head, being sure not to leave the hair dryer on one spot for too long to avoid burning yourself!

9) After your hair dying is finished and you’re happy with the results, try to avoid using shampoo as much as possible. You’ll lose a notch of vibrancy every time you shampoo and I’m sure you’ll agree that’s the last thing you want! 😉

10) You can use conditioner after dying your hair to help it recover from the trauma of being dyed, however this won’t be necessary if you use a dye that’s kind to your hair, such as Manic Panic. To help keep your colour topped up add a few teaspoons of the left over dye to your conditoner bottle and apply this to your hair every time you take a shower.

All you need now is the dye!

This information is only to be used as guidance, always read the product packaging thoroughly before use and follow the manufacturers instructions. Vicious Malicious can not be held responsible or liable for any harm that may result from following this information, readers use it at their own risk.