We’ve been doing a lot of YouTube tutorial watching the last couple of weeks, with Halloween approaching it’s definitely time to decide what look you’ll rock while you party on Halloween! So we decided to put together a list of our 15 favourite horror Halloween make up tutorials for you guys! 🙂

In no particular order, our favourites are:

1.Horrific Mummy


2.  The Babadook


3. Trippy Double Vision


4. Missing Eyes SFX Tutorial


5. Emily ( Corpse Bride )


6. Queen of Hearts Tim Burton


7. Unzipped Bleeding Eye


8. OUCH! Check out this Pencil Through Nose SFX Tutorial


9. Killer Clown – This look will freak out everyone at the party!


10. Shark Makeover


11. Rotten Pumpkin Jack O Lantern


12. Zombie Skeleton


13. Pinhead Halloween Make Up Tutorial


14. 3D Stretched Bleeding Lips


15. American Horror Story Asylum

Hopefully you now have some awesome ideas for your Halloween look this year, we’ve had a lot of fun watching these videos and will definitely be trying some of them for our Halloween partying!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

We’ve been watching a ton of hair dye tutorial videos on YouTube, we’re slightly obsessed! So we thought we’d share our top 10 hair dye tutorials.

1. Magenta, Violet & Turquoise Tutorial


2. DIY Kool Aid hair dye tutorial, perfect if you’re on a budget!


3. This rainbow hair tutorial will blow you away!


4. We LOVE this green and turquoise Ombre Manic Panic look


5. Naomi King shows you how to get a flaming sunset hair effect


6. Another great vid from Naomi King, showing you how to rock Turquoise, blue, purple and pink hair all together!


7. In this video TiffyQuake starts with awesome purple hair and shows you how to achieve a matching pastel goth look


8. Wanna find out how to get silver hair? Look no further!


9. OMG DIY ombre turquoise mermaid hair dye tutorial


10. This is a super entertaining video from Guy Tang, showing you how to change vivid colours easily


Thanks for watching and we hope you’ve enjoyed these videos as much as us. If you decide to try any of these tutorials we’d love to hear how it goes in the comments below 🙂


If this has inspired you to try a new style then you’ll find everything you need on our store and for a limited time we’re offering you 20% off all Manic Panic, check it out below.

Manic PanicOffer

For this tutorial all you need is the following items from Vicious Malicious:


Manic Panic Flash Lightening Bleach Kit


Manic Panic Vampire Red Hair Dye (Other Colours Work Equally Well)


1. Firstly you must ensure your hair is pre lightened, clean and dry!


2. Next put protective gloves on, to avoid any stains on the hands.


3. Apply manic panic hair dye to the root area first, using a tint brush.


4. Follow through to the ends, spreading the dye evenly throughout the hair.


5. Clamp the dyed hair up out of the way.


6.  Using the Manic Panic ‘Dye Away’ wipe, wipe off any skin that may have got on the skin.

image0157. Wash off the dye after approximately 25-30 minutes depending on the thickness of your hair. As you can see I only died the top half of my hair and all of the hair is now red. This is because my hair was so light the red hair dye ran throughout the rest of my hair as I washed it. This saves hair dye so you can reapply once it starts to fade.


8. Dry and style how you wish and voilà bright red hair.

This guide was provided by Ellenn, why not check out her Twitter 🙂

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Jodie Rowe shares her hair dying tips in this awesome step by step tutorial!


Step 1- You’ll Need The Following Products:

Manic Panic Hair Dye (I chose Ultra Violet Classic from Vicious Malicious)

Manic Panic All You Need To Dye Tool Kit containing Gloves, Applicator Brush and Colouring Cap

Dye Away Cleaning wipe

Step 1



Step 2: 

Make sure you have bleached hair. The blonder the better!

Step 2



Step 3: 

Wash your hair. This dye must be applied to shampooed hair only. Wash it, but don’t use conditioner, only shampoo.

Step 3



Step 4:

Set up the space you’ll be using with some old towels so you don’t stain any furnishings. Put on an old t-shirt that you don’t mind ruining.

Place the dye in a bowl. You might find on short hair you won’t use all of the dye, and on longer hair you might need more than one bottle.

Step 4



Step 5: 

Separate your hair into sections. Carefully apply from the back of the head upwards. Make sure you use the applicator brush to evenly coat the hair with dye. Don’t forget your hairline!

Step 5



Step 6:

Cover the entire area you are dying, in my case it was my whole head.

Step 6



Step 7:

Rinse your hair with cold water to seal in the dye.

Chances are you’ve managed to get dye on your face, like I did 🙂 Use the Manic Panic Dye Away wipe to wipe off any excess dye on your face, ears, eyebrows or arms. Use the colouring cap to cover your head and leave to develop for 30 minutes. Wash the dye out, paying attention to your scalp, as dye can hide there.

Step 7



Step 8:

Dry how you wish and style!! 🙂

Step 8


If this tutorial has inspired you to try a new hair colour, you can view our extensive range of Manic Panic Hair Dye Here. We can also help you pick the right products and answer any questions, Email Us.

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We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and we’d love to hear your thoughts, why not leave a comment? 🙂

This tutorial has been provided by the lovely Jodie Rowe, show her some love!