We’ve put together a colour coded selection of Kreepsville 666 products that are guaranteed to make your friends green with envy!

Go Green!


The products above are:

The Legalise Cannibalism Metal Pin Badge

Green Zombie Brain Hair Stix

Eyeball Splatter Bloody Pin Badge

Dead Girl Coffin Handbag

Dead Girl Badge Set

Rotten Zombie Hand Necklace

Walking Nightmare Fabric Iron On Patch

Zombie Bitten Brain Bracelet

Green Skeleton Tunic Dress


You can also view our entire Kreepsville 666 range here.




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The Kreepsville 666 skeleton tunic dresses are probably the hottest item in the alternative fashion world right now and they’re finally back in stock!

We also have a treat for all our Vicious Malicious fashion devotees seeking to find something nobody else is wearing. We’ve managed to secure some strictly limited one-time only magenta pink print skeleton dresses! View them all here

The design, print and fit of these dresses have already caused quite a stir in the alternative fashion scene but it was when they were featured in the hit TV series True Blood that their following really blew up. They’re also available in white, green, red and purple, all printed on a jet black dress. Which colour do you like the most?