Jodie Rowe shares her hair dying tips in this awesome step by step tutorial!


Step 1- You’ll Need The Following Products:

Manic Panic Hair Dye (I chose Ultra Violet Classic from Vicious Malicious)

Manic Panic All You Need To Dye Tool Kit containing Gloves, Applicator Brush and Colouring Cap

Dye Away Cleaning wipe

Step 1



Step 2: 

Make sure you have bleached hair. The blonder the better!

Step 2



Step 3: 

Wash your hair. This dye must be applied to shampooed hair only. Wash it, but don’t use conditioner, only shampoo.

Step 3



Step 4:

Set up the space you’ll be using with some old towels so you don’t stain any furnishings. Put on an old t-shirt that you don’t mind ruining.

Place the dye in a bowl. You might find on short hair you won’t use all of the dye, and on longer hair you might need more than one bottle.

Step 4



Step 5: 

Separate your hair into sections. Carefully apply from the back of the head upwards. Make sure you use the applicator brush to evenly coat the hair with dye. Don’t forget your hairline!

Step 5



Step 6:

Cover the entire area you are dying, in my case it was my whole head.

Step 6



Step 7:

Rinse your hair with cold water to seal in the dye.

Chances are you’ve managed to get dye on your face, like I did 🙂 Use the Manic Panic Dye Away wipe to wipe off any excess dye on your face, ears, eyebrows or arms. Use the colouring cap to cover your head and leave to develop for 30 minutes. Wash the dye out, paying attention to your scalp, as dye can hide there.

Step 7



Step 8:

Dry how you wish and style!! 🙂

Step 8


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